Basics of Jaina philosophy

LORD MAHAVIRA - Great Reformer and Architect of Modern Society: Dr. C. R. Bhansali; M and P Consultancy and Marketing Co., F-33, Manasarovar Garden, New Delhi-110015. Rs. 150.

THIS BOOK gives a vivid picture of the fundamental teachings of Lord Mahavira, the chief architect of Jaina faith and philosophy.

The message of the great master has been grouped under 11 heads such as spiritual discipline, pathway to liberation, self concept of passions, doctrine of Karma, conquest of mind, concept of transmigration, meditation, wisdom, precepts on learning and code of conduct.

A close study of these memorable teachings as well as preaching gives a solace to the tormented souls of the modern world. The structure of the book is like the couplets of the Tirukkural, very simple to read and reflect.

The present day world is confronted with political turmoil, social inequalities, racial discriminations, colour contrast, linguistic bias, cultural upheavals and all the more endangering to peaceful co-existence.

A thorough study of the preaching of Lord Mahavira will certainly bring forth tranquillity of mind, illumination of the spirit and the enhancement of genuine love among the living species. In this sense, the book gives a comprehensive and complete Jain way of life.


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